The Courage to Move On - testimony of a client

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Here is a testimony of a client of mine. She shares how her life has drastically changed this past year as she sold her home and moved to a senior residence. I am always amazed at the courage seniors show when they decide to move on. It is an honor for me to share that step with them. Thank you for your trust.



Earlier this year, I made the decision to sell my home on the east side of Madison.  It was not an easy decision but I knew it was time!  After the loss of my husband 10 years ago, taking care of the house, yard, snow removal,  etc. – it was a lot.  It had become a financial burden and most of my free time was spent on managing the home.  I knew I wanted to move to a 55+ apartment rather than a condo.  I had talked to several friends and they shared info on their condos, paying high condo fees, paying house taxes, and relying on someone else to take care of the yard  work – and sometimes not getting the snow removed until mid day.  I toured the Drumlin Residence apartments in Cottage Grove in April and fell in love with my “new home”.  I was fortunate to have great friends to help with my downsizing and moved by July 1.  The best thing about this move was meeting new friends, where we meet for coffee in the Community Room, going on bus trips, watching the Packers and Badgers together, and enjoying a new type of lifestyle.  If you are thinking of making a major move, talk it over with your family and ask family and/or friends to help you.  Remember, the memories you have from your home,  you will always carry in your heart.  Take photos of those items that you think you will miss.  Life is too short to not enjoy your life every day!!  What do I miss from my house?  Just some of the neighbors who I still keep in touch with! DW